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XR is an emerging umbrella term for all the immersive technologies. The ones we already have today—augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) plus those that are still to be created.

XR includes immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and MR (Mixed or Hybrid Reality).  At its core, XR technology allows users to interact with extended reality environments, objects or even people as if they were in the real world.  These virtual experiences create powerful emotional connections between businesses and their consumers.

  • Take a tour of a building that hasn’t been built yet.
  • See how a product looks in your home before you buy it.
  • Have a front row seat at a live sports event or concert without leaving your couch.

AR Monuments

  • 3D Model content for the various monuments will allow the user to really get engaged with the point of interest
  • Information can be augmented on the 3D model and provide contextual and engaging information.
  • Animations can also provide real time information to the user.


  • Allow the user to form a meditation practice
  • User creates a virtual mixed reality room for their meditation practice.
  • Allow the user to add various artifacts and sounds that enhance Meditation Practice


Realistic 3D and 2D content augmented over Newspaper / Magazine advertisement content. Augmenting interactive 3D and video content over the advertisement will provide much better user engagement

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