EACT Training


We provide corporate consultation and training for our clients in Kernel Customization, Kernel Porting, Linux Drivers, Android Internals and Program Language Optimization courses for our clients in Mobile, Telecom Defense,Medical, Life Sciences industry.

We help partners to outsource their projects to service group which can develop and transfer technology on services model. We will also help to identify suitable technology group in Singapore or India who can help on the delivery.

We are pioneering in developing Induction programs for vertical industries like Automation, Automotive, Wireless, Telecom related IT technology high end courses. Some of the latest technology programs listed here for details visit to www.embeddedact.com

Mobile Platform Technology Trainings


  •  iOS 9 Application Development using Swift – Intermediate Level
  •  iOS 9 Application Development using Swift – Advanced Level
  •  iOS Game Application Programming
  •  iOS Applications using OpenGL ES


  • Android 6 Application Development using Android Studio – Intermediate Level
  • Android 6 Application Development using Android Studio – Advanced Level
  • Android Game Application Programming
  • Android Application Programming using OpenGL ES
  • Android Internals and Device Drivers Workshop


  • Tizen Application Development

Internet of Things Technology Trainings

  • Internet of Things using Intel Galileo

Graphics and OpenGL API

  • 3D Graphics using OpenGL for Desktop
  • 3d Graphics using OpenGL ES for embedded and Mobile