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SCADA Data Gateway

Windows application used by System Integrators and Utilities as an OPC Client/Server, Data Concentrator, or Protocol Translator . It supports the DNP3, Modbus, and IEC 60870-5 protocols. Translation to other protocols such as SNMP is supported by combining the SDG with another OPC Client/Server.

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Source Code Libraries

Our industry standard IEC 61850 , DNP3 , Modbus , & IEC 60870-5 Source Code Library stacks are used by vendors for cost-effective implementation directly in the target hardware. we offer Source Code Libraries for:

Communication Protocol Test Harness

Windows application that simulates typical Master or Outstation Devices, monitors communications ( optional RS232 serial cable kit available ), and automates functional testing. Optional module automates conformance tests specified by technical committees of each protocol.

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61850 Test Suite

  • Hammer – Test IEC 61850 & 60870-6 Servers; and validate
  • GOOSE, Report, Log, Control, and File Services.
  • Anvil – Test IEC 61850 & 60870-6 Clients; provides GOOSE,
  • Report, Log, Control, and File Services; and generate
  • simulation data automatically, manually, or table driven.”… install directly in target hardware””… OPC Client/Server, Data Concentrator or Protocol Translator””… automated testing or simulation of your device.””… configure and simulate your IEC 61850 device.”
  • SCL Forge – Substation Configuration Language (SCL) and DNP3 XML Device Profile Editor

.NET Protocol Components

Triangle MicroWorks’ .NET Protocol Components are the ideal way to add DNP3, Modbus, or IEC 60870-5 support to your. .NET applications and are available in Master or Slave versions


SISCO’s products provide real-time communications and application integration capabilities for applications in the energy utility, manufacturing, and postal automation industries. SISCO’s products are used by OEMs, system integrators, and end users world-wide to cost-effectively build solutions supporting these important internationally accepted open standards:

  • IEC60870-6 TASE.2 The Inter-control Center Communications Protocol (ICCP) is used for communications between utility control centers and power plant dispatching. ICCP and IEC 60870-6 is supported by most major EMS and SCADA solutions and makes an excellent choice for getting real-time data into and out of SCADA/EMS.
  • IEC61850Is the new global standard for substation automation that incorporates the functionality of EPRI’s Utility Communications Architecture (UCA®) V2.0 per IEEE TR1550. IEC 61850 includes standardized communications services, object models, naming conventions, and an XML based substation configuration language (SCL) for self-describing intelligent electronic devices (IED) in substations.
  • IEC 61970 and IEC 61968 These international standards for Energy Management Systems (EMS – IEC61970) and Distribution Managements Systems (DMS – IEC61968), respectively, specify a Common Information Model (CIM) for utility data exchange, Applications Programming Interfaces (API) for application integration (GID), and XML messaging standards that are used extensively in SISCO’s Utility Integration Bus (UIB) products.

IEC60870-6 TASE.2

SISCO’s Intercontrol Center Communications Protocol (ICCP per IEC60870-6 TASE.2) products are used world-wide by numerous energy utilities and their suppliers in applications ranging from control center integration to power plant dispatching. SISCO’s ICCP-TASE.2 products reduce system costs for end users and time to market for developers with field-proven off-the-shelf products that support these important international standards.

  • AX-S4 ICCP AX-S4 ICCP (“Access For ICCP”) is an OPC server for ICCP-TASE.2 clients and servers supporting Blocks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. AX-S4 ICCP provides “plug-in” access to ICCP-TASE.2 for any OPC data access client application such as InTouch, Fix, Cimplicity, and many others. Also supports custom-built C++ and Visual Basic applications.
  • ICCP-TASE.2 Extensions to MMS-EASE Lite The ICCP-TASE.2 Extensions for MMS-EASE Lite is a source code implementation of ICCP-TASE.2 supporting Blocks 1, 2, 4, and 5 that has been optimized for use in Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) such as RTUs, reclosers, PLCs, meters and other resource constrained embedded applications. Additional ICCP-TASE.2 support is available with the ICCP Lite PLUS+ product.


SISCO has delivered more IEC 61850 solutions to more utilities and OEMs world-wide than any other company. SISCO’s IEC61850 products are used world-wide by numerous energy utilities and their suppliers for robust substation automation and real-time device integration applications. SISCO is the world-leader in IEC 61850 implementation with many of the most important global OEM companies serving the utility industry using our products in their IEC61850 solutions.

Because SISCO is also extensively involved in other standards activities such as ICCP-TASE.2 and the Common Information Model (CIM) we have unique capabilities to help our customers take maximum advantage of these standards enabling them to use IEC 61850 in a way that is most complimentary to their other business operations.

SISCO’s IEC 61850 products will reduce system costs for end users and time to market for developers with field-proven off-the-shelf technology. SISCO’s IEC 61850 products are being used in a wide variety of devices and appplications including protection relays, SCADA/HMI, meters, tap changers, RTUs, gateways, bay controllers, and more. SISCO’s IEC 61850 products have been extensively tested for robustness, quality and interoperability.

  • AX-S4 61850 (formerly called “AX-S4 MMS”)
    AX-S4 61850 (“Access for IEC 61850”) is complete ready to run IEC 61850 interface for Windows applications. AX-S4 61850 includes an IEC 61850 client supporting OPC, an interactive object explorer for device testing and setup, IEC 61850 server functions for implementing data concentrators and gateways, and a GOOSE OPC server for publishing and subscribing to IEC 61850 GOOSE messages. AX-S4 61850 makes using IEC 61850 for OPC applications easy by simplifying the controls and reporting functions of IEC 61850 via an interface optimized for OPC applications. AX-S4 61850 supports all IEC 61850 ACSI services for reporting, controls, logical devices, logical nodes, variables, datasets, object discovery, logs, files, and GOOSE multicast messaging.
  • MMS-EASE Lite
    MMS-EASE Lite is a flexible source code implementation supporting IEC 61850 client and server functions that has been optimized for use in Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) such as relays, RTUs, reclosers, PLCs, meters and other resource constrained embedded applications. MMS-EASE Lite supports all relevant parts of the IEC 61850 standard including support IEC 61400-25-2 wind power models, distributed energy resource (DER) models of IEC61850-7-420, and IEC 61850-7-410 hydro power models. MMS-EASE Lite is easily portable to any computing platform to support IEC 61850, (UCA2 per IEEE TR1550), and MMS. ICCP-TASE.2 extensions for MMS-EASE Lite are also available for IEC 60870-6 TASE.2 support.

Unified Analytic Platform for PI
SISCO’s Unified Analytic Platform provides a high performance environment for the development, debug, and enhancement of analytic applications to support centralized remedial action and other wide area control algorithms. SISCO’s Unified Analytic Platform provides a unique structured environment that integrates development, testing, simulation, results analysis, reporting, and algorithm improvement processes into a unified platform for analytic applications based on the OSIsoft PI System.

IEC 61970 and IEC 61968
SISCO’s Utility Integration Bus (UIB) is a standards-based integration platform designed to significantly reduce the engineering effort required to integrate data in the utility environment. The UIB extends off-the-shelf Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) middleware with utility specific extensions for support of distributed power system models and standards-based interface services and application programming interfaces (API) using XML messaging per the IEC61970 and IEC61968 standards. The UIB enables you to build a flexible model-driven architecture for application integration to leverage existing power system related application investments.

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