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SCADA Data Gateway

Windows application used by System Integrators and Utilities as an OPC Client/Server, Data Concentrator, or Protocol Translator . It supports the DNP3, Modbus, and IEC 60870-5 protocols. Translation to other protocols such as SNMP is supported by combining the SDG with another OPC Client/Server.

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Source Code Libraries

Our industry standard IEC 61850 , DNP3 , Modbus , & IEC 60870-5
Source Code Library stacks are used by vendors for cost-effective implementation directly in the target hardware. we offer Source Code Libraries for:

Communication Protocol Test Harness

Windows application that simulates typical Master or Outstation Devices, monitors communications ( optional RS232 serial cable kit available ), and automates functional testing. Optional module automates conformance tests specified by technical committees of each protocol.

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61850 Test Suite

Hammer – Test IEC 61850 & 60870-6 Servers; and validate
GOOSE, Report, Log, Control, and File Services.
Anvil – Test IEC 61850 & 60870-6 Clients; provides GOOSE,
Report, Log, Control, and File Services; and generate
simulation data automatically, manually, or table driven.”… install directly in target hardware””… OPC Client/Server, Data Concentrator or Protocol Translator””… automated testing or simulation of your device.””… configure and simulate your IEC 61850 device.”
SCL Forge – Substation Configuration Language (SCL) and
DNP3 XML Device Profile Editor

.NET Protocol Components

Triangle MicroWorks’ .NET Protocol Components are the ideal way to add DNP3, Modbus, or IEC 60870-5 support to your. .NET applications and are available in Master or Slave versions