Earth Networks

Earth Networks

Severe Weather Early Warning Services

Effective Meteorological Early Warning Systems (EWS) are critical for disaster risk reduction around the world. Least developed countries are highly vulnerable to extreme weather events, which are increasing in number and severity as a consequence of climate change. Without functioning infrastructure to provide visualization and alerting of impending severe weather events, the livelihood of millions in these countries are left at risk.

Total Lightning Detection and Severe Weather Alerting

The network’s ability to detect both in-cloud and cloud-to-ground flash signals at high efficiencies makes it practical to track and predict severe weather in real time. By using the total lightning data and a real-time lightning cell tracking system, the Earth Networks Dangerous Thunderstorm Alert (DTA) system has been developed.

A DTA is issued when the ENTLN detects a high frequency of lightning, which indicates the increased potential for:

  • Cloud-to-ground lightning strikes
  • Heavy rain
  • High winds
  • Downburst winds
  • Hail
  • Tornadic activity

The Dangerous Thunderstorm Alert appears as a purple alert area polygon accompanied by an associated text alert. The DTA can be used to enhance weather monitoring systems operated by national meteorological associations, or may be utilized in areas where meteorological tools such as radar are unavailable — serving as a vital missing link that can help save lives and protect property.

Earth Networks provides total lightning data via standard application program interfaces (APIs), desktop visualization tools such as StreamerRT, and Google Earth.

An area of intense lightning is detected over Sao Paulo by the Brazilian Total Lightning Network operated Earth Networks, generating a Dangerous Thunderstorm Alert polygon shown in purple. Lightning cell tracks provide directional visibility of path of storm.

Global total lightning data shown from more than 1,200 sensors comprising the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network (ENTLN).

Weather Station

Localized weather ensures you have the accurate information you need to make informed decisions. Whether you’re monitoring heat and humidity levels to protect individuals outdoors, like your student athletes, measuring rainfall to determine how to treat agriculture, or monitoring neighborhood-level weather conditions for public safety, access to real-time, local weather conditions is critical.

Earth Networks’ Weather Station gathers and analyzes 27 key atmospheric conditions – including temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity and more. Weather variables in real-time, provide the localized information needed to plan business operations and keep individuals safe.

When a Earth Network weather station is installed at your facility, you automatically join the world’s largest network of professional-grade, real-time weather sensors. Thousands of schools, college campuses, parks, stadiums and athletic facilities, golf courses, resorts, government facilities, and other locations that require up-to-the-second data are already take advantage of these extensive capabilities.

Professional-Grade Components

Built to withstand all kinds of weather, our weather station is easily installed on the rooftops of schools, firehouses, buildings and other locations where live, hyper-local data is vital for planning.

Wind Sensor

Records wind speed and direction, including gusts.

Data Appliance

Data logger and internet transmitter that stores and processes weather data.

Sensor Shelter

Records numerous weather parameters, including temperature, relative humidity, heat index, barometric pressure and more.

Total Lightning Sensor

Provides high efficiency detection of in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning utilizing the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network (ENTLN). Total lightning detection is critical for advanced prediction and forecasting of severe weather.

Rain Gauge

Measures and records hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly rainfall accumulation and rain rate.

Digital Display

Easy-to-read indoor digital display showing your current weather condition readings from your weather station.