Our Services

Our Services

EACT is expanding its services with branches in Singapore, Kualalumpur, Chennai/Delhi India. We have serviced clients in the area of Mobile, Wireless, Telecom, Power Automation (Sub station Control), and Wireless stack integration, UI design for Embedded and Enterprise projects. We help Universities to develop and launch curriculum to enhance local resources in the above technology areas.

We provide complete end to end services for our customers using our own resources or our partnering resources from SE Asia and India. EACT also provide product marketing and business development activities for core enterprise, embedded partners since 2002.

We are providing the following add-on services in the following Key technology areas, also provide outsourced services option in India.

Application and Cloud Layer

  • Solution Engineering for the Android Ecosystem – Mobile, Wearable, TV
  • Solution Engineering for the iOS Ecosystem – Device, Watch, TV
  • Augmented Reality
  • 3D Graphics and Visualization
  • Website Design
  • SEO-Social Media Marketing
  • Billing Application

Kernel and Driver Layer

  • Linux Kernel and Driver Porting
  • Android Kernel consulting and customization
  • Core Embedded Development

Focus on Services

  1. Consultancy/software development services in the areas of embedded, automotive, automation, Digital Information appliances software design, firmware, Linux Kernel porting and related services, Device Software, Real Time Operating systems (RTOS) and application software.
  2. Technology Training and Marketing services – embedded engineering, RTOS, Embedded Linux, Wireless, Network and Wireless Security, enabling courses targeting corporations in Asia. We are also organizing list of Embedded Awareness events in SE Asia, and for other partners in Asia Pacific Region.
  3. Value added reselling (var) – Reselling of popular Automation related IEC future generation stacks and standards, 61850 stacks and products, Linux training Kits and related products, Wind River Linux and VxWorks Workbench, IBM Rational Model Driven Development tool and related Real Time OS software, software design and development tools and related accessories.

Core Capability

EACT operates on strong fundamentals. Quality people, its financial planning and revenue streams and the internal systems in place will be put in place deliver ahigh level of service quality. Highly efficient and retention-oriented HR policies will provide utmost care to the employees and present excellent career opportunities for them.
EACT with the Unique and well rounded skill-set with plentiful experience in the above technology areas, the core competence at EACT will be the capability to provide high quality end-to-end software services and the ability to develop creative new products on device platforms.
Project Areas
A.Automation & Control
– IEC 870-5, DNP3, Modbus Stack integration services
– MMI / UI related services
B.Real-Time OS Related Services
– VxWorks, Embedded Linux, WinCE, QNX Kernel services
C.Internet Appliance devices
– Vertical PDA, Future Mobile products
– Android ,iOS Applications
– Settop Box, Digital TV Projects
D.Other Services
– Blue Tooth, Wireless LAN stack services
– RFID related products/services
– Embedded Training KIT development