Our Achievements

Achievements / Milestones

  • Official operations of Singapore branch commenced on March 2002.
  • Serviced Wind River customers initially between Jan 2001 to Feb 2002 as a part of Founder’s initial start up with other partner (Connexus Technologies) towards selling WR products to Singapore clients. (company was sold out to US Wireless venture) now servicing as EACT on related Embedded RTOS VxWorks, Linux Clients in SE ASIA.
  • Signed VAR and SI partnership with Future Mobile Technology area companies like Tilcon, Tao-group, Mobile Computing Technologies, etc.
  • Signed VAR and SI partnership with Automation and Industrial companies like Triangle Microworks, SISCONET, RuggedCom, KalkiTech, etc.
  • Official Opening of branch offices in Chennai, India branch Sep 2002 and a branch in Kuala lumpur from Mar 2004. In Malaysia obtained MSC Status towards R&D related to Embedded Technology products.
  • Expanded its team in Singapore, Malaysia.
  • Embedded Training and related establishment from Mid 2003 conducted awareness programs in Bangalore, India, Twice in KL, Malaysia, with Asia Pacific Institute (now University UCTI).
  • Consulting and Technology Servicing to Telekom Malaysia, Tenaga National (via partners), MIMOS, Sapura, Panasonic, JVC, and Mahkota Technologies on its various consulting, training and outsourcing needs.
  • Established Placement and Resourcing Partnership with MindEx Solutions & Cambridge towards Embedded Resource placement for Singapore and Malaysia. Have services clients inclusive of Intel Asia, Mahkota, APIIT, Telekom, Green Packet, AIC, Motorola, Tricubes, Adaptech, VDO Siemens, Radixs, Astronautics, IRIS, MIMOS, VDO, Philips, NXP Vietnam, DSO, ST Engg, ST Electronics, Renesas, I2R and other Mobile/Automotive companies in Singapore, Malaysia.
  • Got its MSC Status in Malaysia effective SEP’05 towards R&D in the areas of power line communications and related products.
  • Promotional and training partner to Telelogic AB Rhapsody products, Enterprise Life Cycle products effective MAR 2007 and not IBM.
  • Setup embedded linux and RFID related research activities, in Kualalumpur developing custom products for clients in SE Asia. Video Conferencing Research and Network Monitoring Research with USM NAV6 group.
  • Restart its India activities in Chennai and Coimbatore towards Student retraining towards industry, Student projects, Corporate public programs, and Embedded Awareness Events for International companies in India (via US partner)
  • Currently executing various consulting services, training and sales activities.
  • embeddedACT has started a new division towards oversea education
  • StudyInKL.com and helping student to get suitable universities in Malaysia.