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eACT Technologies is System Software and Test Process automating Services Company head quartered in Singapore with branch in Malaysia since 2002. In 2019 it has started Semiconductor Subsidiary Sion Semiconductors in Singapore and Graphics AR/VR start-up Xreal Technologies in Singapore. We are also expanding our team in Hyderabad, Bangalore and New Delhi.

eACT has well-established network of embedded service providers and partners in Singapore, Malaysia, and India. This network makes it possible for eACT to manage complex embedded projects with its partner, efficiently.

eACT conduct critical skill upgrade programs in SE Asian countries, with Polytechnics and Training institutes, partners, and custom project design related consulting cum training programs. eACT also help students enrichment in the form of Internship, IP development and contract placement.

eACT Technologies Pte Ltd (“EACT” or the “Company”) was founded in Mar 2002; a company with a keen business focus on the high growth IOT, Embedded and Automation software areas. EACT also provide solution to Automation, Weather Data, Process Engineering Organisations.

EACT is a provider of information technology products and services to the automation and the future mobile industry. Headquartered in Singapore, the Company is led by professionals with significant experience in the areas of wireless / telecom solutions and IOT and embedded software and lesser development of hardware.The company currently has branches in Singapore, Malaysia and India. Currently it works on partnership and networking model to build business in SE Asia and India.

The Founder and Technical Director of EACT Mr.Suresh Krishnan before starting his own company, has worked over 20 years in technical, marketing and business development role, inclusive of Wind River (Regional Technical Marketing Manager) (Nasdaq:WIND), Centre for Wireless Communications (Software Lab Manager), Super Symmetry Services (Automation Software Manager) ,and other companies in India.

EACT is partner to IBM selling Rational Brand of products, and provide training, consultation and Resources in Singapore/Malaysia. We are successfully selling their Telelogic Rhapsody, DOORS, Synergy and System Architect products in government and private clients in SE Asia.

EACT has an embedded services, value add selling, training partner relationship with Wind River (now part of Intel), US based embedded OS and tools company, QA systems ADA and C++ test tools, SISCONET Automation stacks related to 61850, products like IEC60870-6 TASE.2, AXS-4-ICCP, AXS-4-61850 etc.

EACT has organized and conducted marketing Seminars jointly with Asia Pacific University (Malaysian University) and KENOIR (Singapore embedded training company) with market leaders like INTEL, SHARP, RedHat, IBM, SUN Micro Systems,WindRiver, Tao-Group, QNX, Lineo, Telelogic in India and Malaysia.

EACT is helping Universities and polytechnics in establishing latest technology labs and curriculum related to IOT, Automation, Virtual Reality, Data Analytica segment of technologies. EACT associated with APU in Kuala lumpur and PSDC in Penang launching list of latest technology areas like Big Data, Data Analytics, IOT, Embedded and Programming languages.

EACT intends to position itself as a provider of Information Technology products and services, and take part in this technology revolution, so as to capitalize on the different opportunities presented by the newly emerging device software services in connectivity technologies and embedded systems.

The vision of EACT is to play a key role in forming a “ Technology World to understand Embedded Technology in the area of Automation, Communication and Telecommunication Industry (ACT) ” by conducting Awareness events, Conferences, Training, and providing Cost effective Technology Solutions and Services via network of Services Companies, Solution Providers. Also providing Resources to technology R&D company – in short, EACT wishes to connect, “complementing Engineering Servicing companies and Solution Providers and Connect them all !”

The Mission statement of EACT is “To be the finest corporation in the provision of Embedded Technology Services and Awareness, and creation of device ,cloud, IOT related software products and the most preferred provider of related software solutions and services.”

Suresh Krishnan

Director, Global Business Development

A Tenacious business development leader with strong international sales background with over 30+ Yrs of experience in Semiconductors, Embedded, IOT and Telecom domains. He was graduated from National University of Singapore, Singapore. He has Two Decade of experience in wireless, hardware, resource development, sales of embedded products for defence, aerospace and telecom. He had worked and managing wireless, telecom, embedded product development for ASTAR, NUS, Wind River, IBM Rational, etc


Director, Operations

Highly dedicated Master Degree holder, bringing over 20 Yrs+ of Accounts management and operating experience in IT and Embedded domain. She has several years of experience expanding companies in UK, SE Asia and India operations and related company audit, tax and related management.

Basheer Ahmed

Director, Technical Head

He is highly passionate enthusiast bringing over 17 Yrs of rich handson global experience in Semiconductor domain, worked on various fields in VLSI such as Verification, RTL, STA and Physical design pertaining to various domains including Artificial Intelligence, IOT and Network storage. He worked for more than 15+ tapeouts and served to various Global semiconductor companies from US and India including Broadcom, Intel, Chelsio and Boeing. He was graduated in Electronics from JNTU, Anantapur.

Amit Gulati

Director, Cloud Applications

Apple certified engineer with more than 18 Yrs of strong experience in iOS, Android, OpenGL and WebGL technologies. He had worked for numerous projects for various Global companies from US, Gulf and European countries including Adobe, SAP, HP and Flipkart. He pursued Master of Science from Hampton University, USA

Ganesh Naik

Senior Consultant, AI & DA Applications Consultant for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Python Scripting, Embedded Linux & Device Drivers, and Unix System Programming.

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