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eACT Technologies is System Software and Test Process automating Services Company head quartered in Singapore with branch in Malaysia.

In 2019 it has started Semiconductor Subsidiary Sion Semiconductors in Singapore and Graphics AR/VR startup Xreal Technologies in Singapore. Also expanding its team in Hyderabad, Bangalore and New Delhi.

We are promoted by professionals who have significant experience in the areas of embedded design services, Automation, Control and IOT Sensor Networking. eACT with its solution partners offers software development services in the areas of embedded ,IOT and Enterprise software. It is also providing value added services to the latest Technology companies in the area of Power automation, Enterprise Software, Weather Analysis segment.

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eACT has well-established network of embedded service providers and partners in Singapore, Malaysia and India. This network makes it possible for eACT to manage complex embedded projects with its subsidiary and partner, efficiently.

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